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Horse Racing Betting Strategy - Horse Racing-Race Card

A race card is a printable card utilized in horse racing providing critical information regarding each race, mainly the horses participating in the race. These cards are also distributed in many newspapers. Also called a race report, which in this instance is merely a small book issued for public use at a horse race meeting. Some races may have several reports and these are printed on separate race card sheets. All reports consist of name, address, time, location, and jockey details. In addition, a Thoroughbred racing report includes performance statistics including speed, class, purse, and winning margin.

After each race, Thoroughbred racing card sheets can be collected by the bettors or they may be placed into another container. Such race card collection may be done at the track or taken to a local card shop or store. If the race is not being won, the bettor will normally attempt to find more horses for his next bet. He may go to the track and visit the stalls of the losing horses, talk to the trainers and jockeys, or search the paddock.

If there are a number of horses that have fallen out of the running, it is possible to obtain a horse racing race card from the trainers or the driver of the losing horse. The bettor should ask for the number of horses that have fallen out of the race. This information can often be found in the trainer's office or the barn. Sometimes the trainer will provide this information free of charge since they are eager to clear out their stall after a loss. Otherwise, the bettor may have to obtain the race report in order to determine the names and locations of all horses who dropped out.

The location of each horse racing card is important because it helps in determining which horse racing machine will offer the bettor's the best return on their bet. Many times the location is printed on the race card. If there is more than one place card per runner, the order of the names of the horses will be followed. A machine may be capable of betting only on one horse or group of horses. In this case, only the first name of the horse will be printed on the race card.

If more than one machine is offering the race, the exact placings and positions will be indicated on the horse racing card. Sometimes, the placings will be printed near the end of the race. It may also appear on the winning bet or the pay-outs. This can help the bettor to decide whether he should back his horse or try for another bet.

An important part of the horse racing race card is the trainer list. The list shows the name, age, handicap, and size of the horse, as well as the trainer. Most of the time, the trainer is printed on the race card as a partial name. This includes the name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and website of the trainer.

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